Collaborating Facilitators

Mel Auld

In the encircling hills of Lake Okareka’s embrace,

Where forests cloak with a mystic grace,

A land where the soul named Mel could be found,

She who formed a sacred bond with Tawa, their roots deep in

the ground.


A seeker of adventure, I’ve roamed afar,

Through tales and fables, both near and far.

With a pen as a wand and words as spells,

I wove narratives where enterprise dwells.


Like a master weaver, I’ve navigated the maze,

Of meetings and memos, in a sometimes-messy ballet.

Communications, marketing, leadership, and more,

With a longing heart, I then stepped through the door.

Akin to a fern, I unfurled from the ashes of form,

Shedding constraints, embracing a state reborn.

A catalyst of change, traversing beyond the flesh,

Decorporatising, dissolving the veil of mesh.


Now, I am in the realm where nature’s whispers reside,

Coaching, guiding and mentoring, is what I provide.

Where ecotherapy and somatic healing embrace,

To awaken the spirit, restoring life’s grace.


With mindful steps on Earth’s fertile ground,

Hearts listen to nature’s wisdom, profound.

Sensations awakened, emotions unfurl,

Healing the body, the soul, the entire world.


Like the ancient oak, rooted in sacred soil,

My strength emerges from growth and toil.

I’ve tended the garden of my own soul,

Cultivating wisdom that makes spirits whole.


In water’s gentle embrace, I discovered a truth untold,

That life flows like rivers, a tale forever bold.

Each droplet a testament to the interconnected whole,

A reminder that we’re part of a story, a grand unifying scroll.


Mel spent 25 years in senior leadership roles that
took her around the globe. Formally trained in
communications and marketing, Mel understands
the corporate world and the pressure to conform to a particular culture or set of expectations, which can result in the dimming of ones true essence.

Having left the corporate world behind, Mel is now a trained personal development coach, experienced in talk therapy, somatic trauma, ecotherapy and rites of passage work. She thrives on helping people develop a deep knowing of and love for self, in communion with the natural world.


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