A Wholistic Approach to Relationship Restoration

Effective Eco-Therapeutic Counselling, Mediation, Ecotherapy Trainings Nonviolent Communication (NVC) &  Nature Connection Guiding

For Families, Couples and Individuals

Be supported through mindfulness, compassion, Nonviolent communication (NVC), ecotherapy & somatic enquiry to….

. . . deepen your connection with nature, sense of place & belonging 

. . . explore your challenging emotions, understand them and use them to navigate your inner landscape

. . . create a curious and allowing attitude towards the emotions that limit your capacity to create movement and direction

. . . gain clarity about what is important to you & how to develop strategies that will guide your direction towards them

. . . develop both personal empowerment and nourishing connection within your relationships

. . . express how you feel and what you want in ways that are easy for others to hear

. . . develop the confidence to ascend challenging conversations and conflicts with skill and competence


. . . develop a comfort in nature that supports access to deeper:  self understanding, self knowing, self confidence, and sense of place in the world.

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