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Jacqueline Sheridan

Looking back, I have always felt the intangibly magnetic pull to a soulful life, as if following the scent of a shape-shifting creature that refuses to be fully seen, nor wholly denied. And I continue to be apprenticed to that wild, unbridled Nature, with its deeper wisdom, its mysterious truths, and evolving story.
True to form then, my life has not unfolded in predictable or expected fashion, steeped in the dual currents of gratitude and grief. Much of which I would never have chosen. None of which I would take back.
Concurrently, I find that I am always holding onto the same red thread. Or perhaps it is holding onto me.
I have been on a path of reclaiming my sacred sovereignty and re-orienting myself into the holy wild of my own body and the body of our Earth, for some time now. I inherited a love affair with Beauty from my beloved Mother, and am a big believer in the deep wisdom of the Mythic, the Poetic and the Naturally Numinous.
I have been spiralling for years, further and further into the centre of who I truly am, and what I am here to offer. And at this particular place in timeless time, I am stepping into the name of ‘Artist’, and swimming around in what it means to first and foremost, honour my inherent nature as a creative, as a maker, in partnership with Life Itself.
Part of that expression is as a voice and word artist, and part of it is through holding creative sacred space, both 1:1 and through group journeys of “Kairos”: Deep-Time experiences of Creative Soul Encounter. In this form of my artistry, I endeavour to curate and hold authentic, creative rituals and ceremonies to support our deep listening to the true nature of Love around us, between us, and within us. A space that is therapeutically sound and spiritually robust.
I bring my experience in depth psychotherapies, Transpersonal Psychology, Eco-spirituality, Eco-therapy, and Creative Soul Journey Facilitation to all that I do.
My vocational offerings are further grounded in my theoretical and personal understanding of the profound and visceral impact of individual and collective trauma, and the foundational importance of our early relational stories, sometimes referred to as ‘attachment patterns’.
Through a soulful, rather than pathological lens, I honour the way pain and suffering call us inward and offer us a healing pathway of wisdom, awakening our unique and authentic Life, through a sacred wound that also holds the seeds of our sacred gift.
Professionally, I hold qualifications as a Clinical Mental Health Social Worker, with further training in Child Centred Play Therapy, and an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, majoring in Creative Process. I hold a Professional Certificate in Ecotherapy, and have trained in the integrative modalities of Internal Family Systems Model (IFS) and Hakomi (mindfulness-based, somatic psychotherapy). And I am an eternal student of the lessons embedded in my own personal life and growth.

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