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Brendon Whitmore

Brendon is a heart-centered man, grounded in the loving wisdom of Nature, who provides a deep holding and therapeutic space for people to find their soul’s longing and purpose in this world. He has gratitude for all the shoulders he stands on and the lessons he has been taught from teachers of both human and more-than-human beings.
Brendon’s passion for his work can be traced back to his own journey after spending significant time in the armed forces, which catalysed his inquiry into pathways of healing, recovery, and soul initiation.
Inspired by his own soul awakening he is called to support experiences of Earth based practices and ceremonies to facilitate transformation and healing for individuals, communities, and Mother Earth.
Brendon believes in the transformative power of our sensuous body to foster right relationship to ourselves, others and the more-than-human world. He is an experienced Eco-therapist, Craniosacral therapist, Deep Nature Connection Mentor and Wilderness Rite of Passage Facilitator.
Brendon is also the co-founder of “Nature of Love, Soul Journeys” with Jacqueline Sheridan and he is the creator of Wild Wisdom, a series of Earth based practices coming soon including Wild Bones, Wild Land Dreaming and Courage Around the Wild Fire.

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