A Wild Nature Crucible For Women

A Women’s Ecotherapy Camp

Craigieburn Ranges, Canterbury
3pm 29th Feb – 3pm 3rd March 2023

In this Wild Nature Crucible for Women we explore

Our connection; with nature, with ourselves, with society.

In this retreat you will be supported to:
  • Deepen a mindful and soulful connection with nature
  • Consider letting go of stagnant and disempowering narratives, values and ideals
  • Explore/discover mindfully and somatically in aliance with nature, our own authentic and unique values and ideals
  • Welcome in transformation and integration through mindful somatic ecotherapy exercises, storytelling and dialogue with the natural world.
  • Develop comfort and confidence in a “off track” camp environment
  • Create connections with a community of like minded women
  • Dine under the stars beside the wild song of the river 
  • Create new personal and collective stories of empowerment and hope
  • Invite in imagination and creativity

What will happen on this Wild Nature Crucible Retreat? We will gather together in circle, around the fire, in the wild interior of our own stories and the wild exterior of the land. We will dream and pay attention, be supported and guided to trust… to listen. We will explore and remember our natural knowing, reclaim our authentic and raw growl or sweet song, and celebrate the mystery of unveiling wholeness.

Who is facilitating/guiding This journey? The retreat will be supported and guided by skilled, professional Ecotherapists, Counsellors, Rites of Passage Guides & Arts Therapists. See below for more details on these guides.

The specific lineage-holders of knowledge that this training takes particular inspiration from are: Dave Talamo with Wilderness Reflections; Steve Foster and Meredith Little with The School of Lost Borders; Joanna Macy with The Work that Reconnects; Jon Young with the Wilderness Awareness School; Bill Plotkin and the Animus Valley Institute; Marshall Rosenberg and Nonviolent Communication: Ron Kurtz and Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy, and S.N. Goenka with the Vipassana Meditation Centre.


We will begin at the Environmental Education Centre at the Threshold to the Arthur’s Pass. We will spend one night there creating connection with each other and the land before wandering to a nearby campsite (2kms hike on easy terrain) to set up camp. At the camp we will court a myth to set the scene for a somatice and mindful ecotherapuetic, creative art exploration into our depth of being. On the 4th day we will take time to support integration and preparation for the return back into the everyday world.

You will need: A tent, a camp mattress, a sleeping bag and liteweight pillow, a camp plate, bowl, fork and spoon, layers of outdoor clothing, a lite-weight 2-litre water bottle and a back pack to carry the above. More info will be provided upon enquiry. Gear may be hired if needed.

Included in the Program fee:

Meals: Plant-based meals will be provided, the preparation and cooking of meals will be done as a collective group.

Accommodation: One night at the lodge, and two nights at the campsite.

Program Investment: $980.00

Cancellation Policy: Refunds less $100 admin fee will be provided if cancellations are made within 2 months prior to the program start date. This is to provide support and security for those already committed and have booked travel.

If the organisers cancel the training, a full refund will be provided.

Please submit payment to:
Account name:  Restorative Relationships
Account Number: Reference:  [your name]
Code:  Crucible

Meet your facilitators and guides:

Toni McErlane Ecotherapist, Counsellor, Mediator, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Facilitator, Rites of Passage Facilitator

Assisting Guides:

Holly BracknallEcotherapist, Rites Of Passage Guide

Kate GloegglerEcotherapist, Outdoor Adventure Guide and Mentor


Testimonials from  previous participants in our Ecotherapy-based offerings

“My ecotherapy experience was one of spirit-firing sacred mystery, reverent communion with beings both human and non-human, and profound visions, insights and personal transformation.

A place where song emerges from deep below, where communion with nature took me to a place of deep soul discovery, release and knowing, and where I felt so loved, nourished, honoured and at peace, at home.

 I stretched and danced beyond the edges of what I thought possible in terms of my connection with self, others and the natural world. I laughed, cried, slept soundly, dreamed intensely, experienced spiritual world visions and feelings, sung around the fire and formed connections that run deep.

 An experience like no other I’ve ever felt, my hosts gently weaved their energy into resonance with mine and others, holding a sacred and potent ceremonial space, creating a rhythmic flow and providing wise and gentle guidance.

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