Seasonal Day Quests

Soulfully Summer :  23rd December

9.30am to 4pm                                                                

Venue: 462 Waitati Valley Rd, 9085 (20 mins north of Dunedin)

Connect with the inspirational power of nature to allow your inner wisdom to rise up from deep within your own song.

“What you seek is seeking you” Rumi


  • You are wanting more direction in your life.
  • You are in a transitional phase of life and are seeking guidance.
  • You are ready to shed that which is no longer serving you.
  • You want to step courageously into your wild power.
  • You are wanting to embed in the life and beauty of the natural world and give space for inspiration.

These daylong vigils mimics the longer version of the traditional Rite of Passage ceremony as we journey together into Nature and the transition from season to season. A place where you may feel Soul calling you into something more, to mark a point of transition in your life or to seek insight and support to specific questions or challenges.

As we celebrate the seasons, what wisdom is lying and waiting for us in the songs, warmth and color of summer The busy bees, the flowers knowing their potential, the sea breeze cooling down the heat of the day? Maybe you are curious about what new life is ready to set seed in you, what wants to be birthed into the world at this time. What may illuminate deep within as you stand in the heart of earths seasonal songs?

As part of these one-day soulful event, we will follow the 3 phases of a traditional Rite of Passage; Separation, Threshold and Incorporation. We will start the day with coming together in circle to explore each other’s intention, in the spirit of open-hearted listening. Stepping out of circle, you will then move into your own individual experience (Separation).  Crossing a Threshold, we honour the transition into sacred liminal space where you will enter into reflection, contemplation and conversation with the land.  Returning back through the threshold, you are welcomed back into circle to express silently through art (color, poetry, clay, song) then share (if you choose) the wisdom you received out there in the mystery of the Natural world in this particular time of earths cycle (Incorporation).

“We all need a touchstone, a place that touches our soul that leads us back to ourselves” Jane Pujji.

Fasting: As a way to support, surrender, intention, and clarity, participants are invited to fast from dawn to their return from the vigil. 6am to 2pm. It is recommended that anyone who suffers from blood sugar issues or any other medical condition that makes fasting risky seek advice from their doctor before fasting.


Investment: $80.00 per  event if registered and paid 1 month prior to a seasonal event. Or $90.00 if less then 1 month. If paying for all 4 seasonal events at one time, recieve a $50.00 discount and pay $270.00. Students 15% Discount

Whats Provided: A cosy fire heated light earth cabin and kitchen  to begin and end in. Miso Vegetable Soup and Gluten Free Bread upon return from the vigil for in person participants

What to Bring: Layers of clothing to stay warm and dry, waterproof shoes, sunhat, sunscreen, a thermos for hot water.

Cancellation Policy: If registrations is withdrawn less then 1 month before the event start date, there will be no refund. Prior to 1 month and if the event organisor cancells the event a full refund will be provided.’

Meet Your Guides:

Toni McErlane – Ecotherapist, Rites of Passage Facilitator, Counsellor, Mediator, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Facilitator, Outdoor Adventurer

Submit Payment to:
Account name:  Restorative Relationships
Account Number: Reference:  [your name]
Code:  Daylong


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