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Restorative resolution is the process of attempting to see the world through another's perspective while requesting the same for yourself. While this may feel risky and challenging, the rewards usually far outweigh the efforts.


Gathering together to resolve conflict and achieve reconciliation is not a new process, having been common in earlier times and still within indigenous communities of today, In this process, it is acknowledged that the perspective and wisdom of the whole is more likely to achieve a resolution that is of benefit to all individuals involved as well as to the greater community.


The process we use draws from the work of restorative Justice, Restorative Circles (Dominic Barter) and Nonviolent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg). The process advocates for the full choice and willingness of the receiver(s) of the harmful act as well as the actor(s).  The simplicity of the process enables reconciliation and resolution to unfold at a pace that is natural and unforced. This structured process provides an environment that is safe and honours the relative perspectives of each person/party involved.


Restorative Circles

By honouring the wisdom of the greater whole, we are able to arrive at a resolution that is beneficial to all.