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Counselling for Individuals

Focus & Direction


Are you are feeling a little stuck and wanting some support to make some movement or different choices in your life?

Or are you feeling a bit lost and would love to be heard and understood by someone without feeling judged?


Would you like to check out your thoughts and perspective to see if they are in line with your values? Or maybe you are confused as to what your values are and would enjoy some support to gain more clarity?


Toni's style, humanistic approach, and extensive training in communication, counselling and mindfulness will gently support you to inquire into and better understand yourself, and to effectively support you in finding the best answers to your own questions. We will explore what is important to you, how you currently meet your needs and make choices, and whether these choices are creating the life you want.

Working with Challenging Emotions


Sometimes the challenges life throws our ways can catch us off gaurd resulting in a array of either overwhelming or life numbing emotions. Trying to navigate our daily life choices can seem enormous when our normal emotional state has been imbalanced.

Toni's training and experience with mindfulness, trauma, somatic enquiry and nonviolent communication will gently support you to enquire into these seemingly stuck emotions and gradually journey through their often murky depths to discover a lighter and more purposeful plateau of understanding and transformation

Nature Therapy


Often when we have the freedom let our eyes and presence enjoy the natural colors and shapes of nature we can  opportunities that invite us to enquire into a aspect of ourselves that might otherwise be missed in the typical therapy room.

Nature therapy is an opportunity to explore both our concious and unconcious experiences in the gentle, nourishing and supporting setting of nature.


Toni's extensive experince in the wilderness, horticultural therapy, somatic experiencing, mindfulness and nonviolent communciation offer a unique opportunity to explore and naviate your diverse and unique inner landscape.

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