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Take a minute to Imagine sitting in an office with a therapist sharing the aspects of your life that are troubling you?

Now take a minute to imagine sitting or walking outside in nature, with birds, trees, water, skies, clouds with a thereapist, sharing the same aspects of your life.

If the second scenario feels more comfortable for you, then ecotherapy is more likely a good fit for you and you should read on.



















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Ecotherapy ...

           Coming Home - A eco-therupetic dose of self

Ecotherapy comes from the perspective that we (humans) once lived a life with a fully connected and clearly apparent dependent relationship with nature for many more years than with have lived without it. As a consequence we feel more relaxed, at home, and natural in a natural environment. We have pleasent feelings hearing bird calls, water running, leaves rustling in the breeze, the subtle scent of decomposing leaves, the expansive views, and the way our body feels when we are in nature. Were more at home!


With skilful, playful, guided somatic and empathetic support from the therapist combined with the restorative, welcoming, wise and spontaneous qualities of nature, you will explore the high and low grounds of your experiences, develop your inner compass and to move towards a naturally whole and integrated version of yourself.







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So Where Do We Begin?


While your first session will begin in my office, the ecotherapy journey has begun. We will to get to know each other and explore your current relationship with nature and the aspects in life where you are wanting change and movement. In that time it will become apparent to both of us which type of outdoor setting will suit you. Some people prefer the less wild environment of a town park or field, while others feel more at home at the beach, in the bush or by a river.


We will discuss how to prepare for the outdoor sessions and what you will need to bring with you. When we are both ready we meet at the chosen site and the next stage begins. It will build on the work and relationship we have established in the office.



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If Ecotherapy sounds like a journey for you, give me a call or email today.


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