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Couples & Marriage Counselling, Intensives & Workshops

It can be so painful when we experience something that was once so beautiful falling apart; when the relatiohship that once flowed naturally with feelings of joy, fun and connection comes to be dominated by feelings of frustration, hurt, loneliness, resentment and anger; when the trust that was once so natural becomes lost beneath the pain of disconnection.


I provides couples with effective support and education that allow couples to build a healthier, more nourishing relationship connection. I provide the support you each need to develop the confidence to express yourself authentically and skillfully while also learning how to hear the the other more fully. You will learn how to honour each other's choice and autonomy while strengthening a secure and nourishing connection. I help you to identify the places where you get stuck, and make the transition from vicious cycles to victorious cycles.


We offer hourly support and communication training as well as 3.5 day intensives and 8 week, weekly workshops.

When we have the experience that our truth and authenticity matters to another, connection and trust  flow naturally.